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Wow, the year went by quick... What else can I say?

I'll be putting up some last few photos from 2011. And then... who knows!

Also, thank you all for getting me to 10,000 views. Sorry I completely missed it. XD
Kind of annoying how all my photos look drab and washed out when they upload to DA (as compared to how they look when I open the original files on my computer)... I really don't want to have to start editing my photos =\ and I don't really know how to fix it =[ but they just look so... substandard. -sigh-

EDIT: So, spent some time that I don't really have finding out about DA's non-support of embedded color profiles, and kind of figuring out what to do with GIMP to correct for this (the program auto converts the image to a regular RGB color profile, rather than the embedded... Then, for my own future reference: +20 saturation, -20 lightness, +10 contrast -- gets pretty close)...

But it's like, how many photos have I uploaded that need to be fixed like that... Pretty sure it's in the 100s. Great. Wonder when I'll be able to do anything about it.
Happy Halloween! Though, it's already November 1st here in NZ, so thus the start of my 'Do-More-vember' project, where I'm going to... do more. Yep, that's it. Anyhow, a small part of that will be to upload 1-2 deviations every day for the month (I've got 40 photos waiting at the moment); and the main project components are NaNoWriMo (though I am actually writing a TV pilot script; and will be revising a feature film script when the TV one's done) and trying to incorporate a bit more fitness into my day, especially since we're coming up to Summer here! Anyway, I'm actually excited to be busy, and looking forward to getting a lot done this month. =D
Still busy. But maybe have some okay photos accumulated now to put online... Would like to get to that 10,000th page view that's looming ahead. We'll see - so many things I need to do, plus so many things I'd like to do... just trying to get something done, instead of being pulled apart in a million directions and getting nothing done.

Oh, I also started The Quidditch Pitch here thequidditchpitch.deviantart.c… because I'm getting obsessed with Quidditch again, what with the end of HP...

So, cheers. Hope to see you soon!
I'm back in New Zealand (really since New Year's, but anyway...) - just been really busy, with scripts, finding a job here, keeping my jobs back in the US 'til I find something here, facebook/twitter marketing, house renovations, friends, family, and everything in between and far beyond. Not a lot of photographing so far this year; mostly have been documenting progress on the house, but nothing too artistic. We'll see what March brings; hopefully I can cross a few more things off the list and get back to the other 'priorities' I'd like to be doing - if I didn't have to do everything else.

Plenty of thoughts for the people of Christchurch. I can't even imagine. =[
Uploading photos from the past... year. lol. Better late than never. And heading to New Zealand at the end of the month!!

If you're lucky, if I'm lucky, if we're lucky I may just have time to upload some photos this month. I know there's some good ones waiting patiently.

<3 W

P.S. I'm back in Florida. Going back to New Zealand in January.
Wow, apparently it's been a short forever since I last posted, or did anything much here. Been so busy lately, trying to sort out life things - convincing New Zealand to let me stay longer, working as much as I can to be able to afford staying longer (and just live in general), etc, etc. I do have some good photos from the past 4 months, but they just end up on the lowest priority for the moment; same with the groups I've created here. Too many projects I want to do, and just not quite enough time to commit to all of them.

Alas, greatness takes work. ;-P
So it's 2010. I'm posting the last decent photos from 2009, and then I'll be heading out in two weeks - going back to New Zealand! Hooray - it pays to get your act together and actually work toward your goal. I've been busier than ever with various jobs, but it's all worth it... and finally(!) I'll get to see New Zealand in (their) summer. Cool. (Except not literally.) Photo-wise it'll probably seem like I never left NZ - but I just haven't had time or inspiration to go out anywhere in Florida and try being artistic. Alas.

Hope your new year is awesome! =]
Hmm, so I've gone through the 500 or so deviations in my message center, and finally going through the actual messages. And. Apparently (back in October) two prints of this… sold! That's so, so cool. Thank you, whoever you are! Very encouraging. (And as well I sold a copy of… on a stock photo site.) [And! I've made some sales on etsy recently!] So, I guess I'm raking in (small amounts of) cash, that will hopefully add up at some point in time!

Other than that, I've been super busy finding/creating work for myself, to pretty decent success, especially this week. That also includes new stuff up on etsy @ - ALL ON SALE, I might add. =D And I have a few (...maybe 50 or so) photos to upload - most from New Zealand still (yes, a 'bit' after the fact).

The current plan is to get back to New Zealand by the end of January (still sort of working out the details), and stay at least until my current visa runs out in June. Until then, enjoying Florida for the holidays and such and seeing lots of friends.
Well... I'm back in Florida! Looking to be very productive (in everything: writing, working, living, etc) over the next two months and then planning to be back in New Zealand by the new year. Still a few more photos from my NZ trip - and then, who knows!

And thanks for the 6000+ pages views. =D
Another month left in New Zealand (for now!) - yeesh it's like time is just here and then it's gone. (I know - how profound, right?) =D

Once I upload this set of deviations - I'll have broken the 1000 mark! That's a little ridiculous, I know. It'd be nice to break 10,000 views before the end of the year, but I'm not expecting that to be too likely.

I have been making more of an effort to be a better devart community member - actually adding favourites and trying to support new artists more. And I've been in quite an art mood as of late (but maybe because I should be working on things that aren't art).

It's interesting to be outside of the States in the current 'turmoil' (is it still at 'turmoil' level?) as far as... well, everything. (Wow, hope that was vague enough for you.) But it will also be good to be back with friends and family for a few weeks.

Alright, nothing really much to say (as you might have noticed)... Enjoy the photos!
So, I'm finally acclimatized... and taking a few pictures here and there. Excited to be trying my hand at crafting in another country (check out my Etsy shop @ to see the results!) as well as trying to find creative ways to earn a living. Doing more screenwriting and general writing (including proofreading and editing for other people) and back to more film festival marketing - and if you're interested in any of that, check out - naturally!
So... I'm back in New Zealand! And having a little bit of fun with my new Canon - hooray! You'll see some new stuff up soon. It's a bit cold here (well, considering I left during the middle of summer in sunny Florida...) so I haven't been as out and about as I'd like.

Anyway, just a quick update to say hello from the southern hemisphere!

(And I'm excited about Harry Potter - hope to see it tomorrow evening!)
I head off to New Zealand in less than two weeks! Eek! But also - exciting! I have a lot to do, so probably won't be around much until after I get there.

But also! I have a new camera! Hooray. It's similar to my old Kodak P850 (only it's a Canon) in almost every aspect, but much smaller - so hopefully I can still take good pictures, but without the ball-and-chain feeling. I want great quality pictures, but I also have more and more just wanted something I could stick in my purse (instead of packing up the camera case, and then finding creative places to stick my keys and other essential things). I think this is the perfect compromise - and still a 10x optical zoom, plus a 3-inch LCD! Beautiful!

Anyway - other than that, just excited about Bobby Chiu & Kei Acedera's Art Contest! My entry is… Kangamolerat Bunny is REAL! - and the rest of the awesome entries can be found at… - Enjoy! =]
So... I'm going to New Zealand in June! Can't wait to get back there. =D And to see a certain someone...! I've got plenty of things to do to prep for that (since I'll be there until October, at least).

Other than that, I've only done a few artsy things in the past couple weeks/months, but I'll try to put those up soon. In the meantime I'm trying to work on securing an income in various (but not nefarious!) ways.
We'll see how that pans out.
The Sarasota Film Festival is on now (March 27 - April 5), so my life is pretty much consumed by that at the moment. The first three days have been awesome, and it should just get more exciting as the week goes on! I really feel the need to do something creative (painting! or photography) that is not related to the festival at all, though... But it may have to wait until after the 5th. See you then!
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Is it strange that the three journal entries before this one all have "good" in their subject line as well?

Anyway, my sister and I didn't get the Australia thing - but as always you move on to the next crusade. At the moment, the next thing is similar:

Vote for my friend Derek!

He's applying to be STA's World Traveler Intern:…

It's a quick, silly, fun video. He's helped me out before, so I'd like to help him - and he'd be perfect for the internship.

Again:… It's just a youtube video, and I promise I'm not rick-rolling you! =D The voting ends in the next few days, so if you want to vote, do it ASAP.

Thanks so much! And for checking out my art!
So! I have over 4000 views (awesome!!) and today I found out that my 1-minute video application for 'The Best Job in the World' - being caretaker of the islands of the Great Barrier Reef for Queensland Australia Tourism - was accepted and is now online! Check out some silly antics (and vote for me, please...!):…

Or, if their site is down:…

And my TWIN sister applied as well:……

Thanks for the 4000+ views!
And if you watch the vids, let me know! =]


Check out my 1-minute video application for the BEST JOB IN THE WORLD:… or… Caretaker of the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia! =]
Wow! I won the Fancraftic Superheroes Contest ( here:… and the winners list here:… ) with my deviation 'Iron Man - Under the Mask'… ... I haven't entered many contests on deviantart, so I was thrilled to place, let alone win! So cool, I'm really excited about this. Thanks to Myana and FanCraftic! =D

Happy Holidays!


I am artistful!… You can be, too!

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